Meet the Band2

ray howard choclate 2

World meet the Ray Howard Band!! Mature lovers will relish the fresh, sultry sounds reminiscent of the old school ballads from back in the day! Remember when music used to say something? Remember when songs had meaning? The songs they perform are the very essence of love – devotion, commitment, sacrifice, passion, romance, affection, endearment, adoration and grace.

The Ray Howard Band captures phenomenal music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and the infamous Motown! They specialize in soulful music of bands like Earth, Wind & Fire and the Stylistics. Their music is exhilarating, timeless and entertaining, no matter what age you are! Their sound will transport you back to the seventies where the moves and music was the best! You can’t help but get out of your seats and “bust a move” with their soulful sounds! Don’t delay….book them today!