Rave Reviews/Happy Clients

***RAY HOWARD BAND – Frequent Appearances ***

The Ray Howard Band partners with some of the most well known venues in the city…

***RAY HOWARD BAND Reviews***

March 2016-
I had the opportunity to see them perform live in Chicago.
Very impressive performance.
Have my support!

September 2015-
We have this event every year hosting 300+ people and everyone says this is the best band ever!!!  We stayed on our feet the entire performance!! We plan on having them again next year for our annual event!!
-Amy Gardner/ Gardner & Associates/Student Without Mothers Organization

September 2015-
This band is awesome! Everyone loved the Band and I continue to refer them to other organizations and venues!!
-Paula & Tony Smith/Student Without Mothers Organization

July 2015-
We hired this band for our annual family reunion for 200+ people and they are professional and their sound is  awesome.  They had everyone dancing.  I enjoyed working with them and will use them for my upcoming events.  Thank you guys – You are Awesome!!
– Darrell K.- Kelley Family Reunion

July 2015-
The Ray Howard Band is AWESOME!  They are very energetic and engages the audience.   The band is professional and the music they perform is timeless…Kept people on their feet!!!
We plan on Getting them to Boston for our Gala Events!!!
– Global Networks Partners

May 2015-
This a Fantastic Band!  I appreciate the EXCELLENT Job you all always do. Your professionalism and  energy and willingness to work with people goes beyond words.  Thank you for an exciting concert!!!!
-Diana Kristine


April 2015-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Ray Howard Band was AMAZING, AWESOME, right on time my party for my husband 50th birthday was a SUCCESS due to the Ray Howard Band. The Band was the life of my party they kept us on the dance floor. I will hire this Band 200X’s Over that’s how much myself and all my Guest enjoyed the performance Tremendously!!!!                                     -Allison Reese-James & R.Reese-District Region- Ross Department Stores                            (Two Bookings for this client)


November 2014-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Awesome!! Real entertainment! Sentimental songs that bring back memories and Current chart toppers all performed with perfection!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Tony Winfrey


November 2014-
Each time my husband and I have had the honor of listening to this band, we’ve left feeling closer to each other and a little more in love. The soulful songs and performance are amazing.
We love our date nights… great times at the Juke Joint.
-Angel Washington Long


August 2014-
The event was very special for our 1st lady thanks to you guys. Our folks were still talking about the event a week later. Could not have pulled it off without you all. I will definitely reach out for the next occasion and continue to share your info with our clients. Thanks!
-Anita-Js Venue Plus                                                                                                               (numerous performances at venue since 2013)


April 2014-
I have experienced Ray Howard and his band perform on several occasions and each time I was totally satisfied and fully entertained!!! For a wonderful night out with a trip down memory lanes 70’s, 80’s and 90’s best songs. Go check out Ray Howard!!!
-Deidre Mahabeer Bradley-Event Planner


March 2014-
We hired Ray Howard to perform at my mother’s birthday celebration. He did not disappoint! He is a true professional He arrived on time. He had the perfect song selections for a mixed audience of all ages. Ray and his team were very friendly, courteous and really down to earth. Ray Howard is an excellent singer with impressive vocal range. He knew how to engage the audience and had everyone on their feet! My mom really loved his performance! I highly recommend Ray Howard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Kimberly A.

5 thoughts on “Rave Reviews/Happy Clients

  1. These guys are awesome! I just couldn’t sit down the entire time! My boyfriend and I really enjoyed ourselves and we will definitely be back to the Juke Joint and anywhere else they perform……lol.

    -Samantha Mulkey

  2. The Ray Howard Band played at our 2nd annual Celebration Gala on 10/13/2018. They were fantastic!
    Great sound, engaging and the attendees loved them. We look forward to booking them next year!

  3. I wanted to take this opportunity to not only write a review praising our extreme satisfaction with The Ray Howard Band at our recent event; but also to share our experience to assist others like us, who are in process of making such an important selection for their next special event.

    We had a huge celebration party to plan and wanted to ensure the event was executed to excellence. We decided right away to use a live band and not a DJ because of the extra special entertainment value it would bring knowing that this would mean extra costs. I must say that the extra costs over a standard DJ were more than worth it to us because bottom line, you are making lifetime memories not just having a party.

    When looking into our choices, it quickly became clear that there were a ton of options making the task seem a bit overwhelming. But after searching and reviewing countless band demo’s online and through recommendations, to our surprise the choices actually began to narrow rather quickly. We found that a ton of demo’s were not of the actual live performances and instead re-touched studio recordings. It was extremely important that we could hear live performances of the bands to truly get a feel of the genuine sound they would deliver. The next criteria was the diversity of singers and instrumentation in the band. We wanted a band that had both strong male and female lead vocalist that could cover a variety of songs much like the original artist recordings. Lastly, we needed professionalism both with the business handling and actual performance execution.

    The Ray Howard Band delivered to perfection on all these key criteria. The entire band sounded amazing. It was like having our own personal concert with the original artist performing just for you. Their execution down to choreography, crowd involvement, energy and costuming was first class all the way. Lastly, the band manager and band owners were an absolute dream to work with from start to finish and handled every detail with upmost professionalism. We had a ton of small details and custom elements in our party timeline, not only did they execute them all to perfection but made the coordination so simple.

    I have absolutely not affiliation with this band and never heard of them before our search but can’t recommend they highly enough. They took our already fantastic party and turned it into an amazing lifetime memory.

    Thank you So much Ray Howard Band and Management!!!

    Michelle Henderson

  4. We absolutely loved this band. They were interactive and fun with the crowd. We would love to have them again in Griffin, GA.

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